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Data Centre

ANS' experience in FlexPod i3 deployments is unrivalled in the UK; we have deployed more FlexPod i3 solutions than any other company, with over 4000 days of FlexPod consultancy under our belt. The FlexPod i3 data centre design uses a combination of Cisco UCS, Cisco Nexus switches, NetApp storage and VMware virtualisation in a standardised architecture that is validated by Cisco, NetApp and VMware.

By unifying the components of the data centre, a FlexPod i3 design enables organisations to increase the efficiency of their IT network.

The Nexus switches provide the processing power required to run the FlexPod i3 data centre, while Cisco UCS unifies the separate components and provides reduced and simplified points of management for the data centre.

Virtualised storage means that the utilisation of storage capacity can be vastly improved, thus reducing the number of physical racks required. This in turns reduces the amount of power and cooling needed to run the IT estate, cutting both the cost and the environmental impact of the data centre.

As the industry trends towards compartmentalisation into blocks of infrastructure, we believe that a much more consultative and holistic approach is required.

The combination of NetApp Flexpod and VMware also provides a state-of-the-art business continuity system, with ‘real time’ replication of the environment and simple restoration procedures.In the event of a disaster situation, the network can quickly and effortlessly be restored to ensure full continuation of business operations.

We will tailor your FlexPod i3 to your exact requirements depending on your compute, storage and network demands.