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ManagedInfrastructure Services

How Does it work?

FlexPod is the platform on which we deliver our Managed Infrastructure services – a powerful and efficient infrastructure design that improves performance whilst reducing costs, and can be tailored to your exact requirements depending on your compute, storage and network demands.

Hosted either on-site or off-site, FlexPod offers you the flexibility you need to support your business. By utilising the very best technology in compute, storage and networking, we can guarantee the best in Managed Infrastructure Services.

FlexPod is comprised
of key technologies
form our partners
Cisco, NetApp
and VMware

i3 NetApp vmWare Microsoft Cisco

Cisco Logo

Cisco UCS unifies the infrastructure, reducing the number of management points for the network

Cisco Logo

Cisco Nexus switches provide the power to run
the data centre with the required high availability
and performance

NetApp storage uses thin provisioning and
deduplication technologies to offer storage that can
run at 90% efficiency, compared to the usual 10%

VMware’s Service and Desktop virtualisation
increases the efficiency of your NetApp storage

FlexPod is the virtualised data centre design that has cemented our position as the leading data centre experts in EMEA.

And when we say experts we mean it - ANS has deployed more than half of all FlexPods in the UK and we hold the largest number of FlexPod projects in EMEA.