go from 0 to 60 with ANS

Posted:, the UK’s number one supplier of car parts, has appointed ANS for its datacentre transformation programme. The partnership forms part of a strategic investment plan, aimed at providing a scalable IT production environment, enabling the organisation to support future growth in line with their business vision.

The appointment of Chief Information Officer of (ECP), Andy Campbell, gave the organisation an opportunity to assess their current infrastructure and further align technology to the core of their business and customer interactions. ECP chose to utilise pioneering RAPID technology from ANS Group which is based on integrated infrastructure from Cisco and NetApp – FlexPod – and delivered to customers within 28 days.

Pre-integrated and pre-validated RAPID Converged Infrastructure, will allow ECP to develop, modernise and deploy their business applications faster. The new infrastructure will ensure the organisation can efficiently manage resources across physical and virtual environments, allowing their IT team to respond quickly to infrastructure requests. Andy Campbell explained the reasons behind the transformation:

“More and more we see a demand for IT to add real business value across the organisation. RAPID offers us a single point of purchase, support, maintenance and upgrade for a pre-tested and fully maintained complete solution. With no lengthy deployment time, we’re able to lead the way in technology and can start using and creating value from our infrastructure immediately.”

RAPID Converged Infrastructure comes with the capability to build, deploy & migrate 24/7 365 days, and offers ECP the fastest route to an integrated storage, compute and networking system.

A pre-requisite of the project for ECP, was to ensure that they continue to be risk averse and have a reliable Disaster Recovery infrastructure in place. RAPID negates concerns surrounding risk, offering greater storage and scalability which in turn will greatly reduce the risk of ECP relying on their DR site for production services.

Paul Sweeney CEO, ANS commented:

“Every industry is experiencing huge digital transformation but ECP are already ahead of the game, really pushing tech boundaries. This in turn will make the organisation more agile and efficient than ever before.

The future of IT is, more and more, becoming about speed. DevOps cultures are all about faster releases of higher quality applications and Big Data is about faster decisions. We are seeing more and more demand for shorter, project timelines.

As ECP looks to continue demonstrating strong growth, RAPID Converged Infrastructure will offer the flexibility to easily integrate and essentially transform into a central global infrastructure.”

RAPID and FlexPod are ANS core business and they have an unparalleled track record of delivering projects on time and to budget. Having delivered over 50% of all UK FlexPod deployments ANS are the market leader in Integrated Infrastructures, Europe’s most experienced FlexPod integrator.

Gareth White, from ECP commented on the relationship between the two organisations:

“What ANS do is incredibly valuable, they bring it all together, the setting, the configuration, which means we receive a full solution aligned to our requirements; not a set of components. We know, that selecting ANS as our strategic partner, means we will effectively deliver, now and over the coming years.”

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