6 ways to be more active in the office

For many of us, work means sitting down all day, it could be in the office or in a meeting, even on the train or in the car. Whatever we’re doing, it seems a large percentage of our working day is spent sitting on our behinds. The thought of this might seem appealing but it can actually have a negative long-term effect on our bodies.

The way to remedy this is simply to spend some more time on our feet. These days it’s so easy to track how active you are each day there’s almost no excuse. There are loads of types of wearable technology that can track the amount of exercise you do, the number of steps you take, your heartrate or how many calories you burn. You can even do it all just from your mobile phone.

There’s something really satisfying about getting home and looking at how many calories you have burnt that day (and if it equates to the amount of calories that was in the cream slice you had at lunch, even better!) and with the amount of office treats, whether it be donuts, chocolate or a free pizza to celebrate pretty much anything you like, temptation can get the better of us all sometimes.

But what if you could burn even more calories? It’s not all about getting to the gym at 6am and a green juice to follow, there’s plenty of small changes we can make to our day to move that little bit more and step up our day to day activity.

  • Offer to make the brew round

Regular trips to the coffee station will get those legs moving a lot more than letting someone else get up to make numerous cups of tea. Just think, your mind will get a workout too trying to remember what everyone’s order is.

  • Make yourself a standing workstation

Interrupting your sitting down time is the key here. Standing up whilst working for a portion of the day can help to strengthen your legs and your core. But don’t do it all in one go. 10 minutes at a time would be enough. Plus, you get to have a better nosey round the office if you’re stood up ?

  • Communicate the old-fashioned way

Nowadays it’s far too easy to reach people across the office via email or IM. Instead of taking to the keyboard to get in touch with a co-worker, why not walk to their desk and actually speak to them. That way, you’re moving around some more and communicating in real life. What a rarity!

  • Step up

An obvious tip but an effective one all the same. Forget the lift and take the stairs, if you’re able to, whenever you can. Better yet, park your car a couple of streets away and do the last leg of your commute on foot. The steps will come flying in!

  • Branch out on your lunch

There’s no harm in going on a little wonder on your lunch break to bring out your appetite. Even just a lap around the car park can make a difference in how you feel. Not only that, it’s always good to get away from the laptop for a while and get some fresh air.

  • Channel your inner Mo Farah

And if you’re really feeling up to it, put on those running shoes and do a cheeky 5km on your lunch. At ANS we have our own lunchtime running club every Monday when anyone can join no matter what fitness level, so everyone gets the chance to get active.

Some of those tips might be easier said than done, and no one wants to make all those changes in one go, but there might be one in there that works for you to get you off your behind and be more active.

Something that might help us to become more active is organising our time more effectively, have a read of another ANS blog to discover 7 ways to manage your time here.

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