ANS Academy Rises to the Top


ANS are celebrating the ninth annual National Apprenticeship Week with seven days of incredible events in collaboration with their ANS Academy. From the 14th – 18th March 2016 ANS will play host to an apprenticeship take over which will see apprentices throw a celebration lunch alongside ANS Directors; attend an expert Careers Advice Workshop; get hands on at customer sites and a take part in a social media share-athon.

The hundreds of events expected to take place across England, this week, which is co-ordinated by the National Apprenticeship Service, are designed to celebrate apprenticeships and traineeships and the positive impact they have on individuals, businesses and the economy.

Paul Shannon Chief Operating Officer at ANS discusses the Academy’s ambitions:

“At ANS we’ve always championed apprenticeships and are leading the way in nurturing young talent. We believe that the technology sector has the opportunity to set the precedent for apprenticeships, given that the UK’s digital industry may face serious problems because of a future skills deficit.”

The ANS Academy was founded in 2013 and provides real jobs, with industry leading training and hands-on experience for up to 20 apprenticeships each year. The week offers employers the opportunity to showcase apprenticeships and celebrate the benefits that they can bring. Paul Shannon outlines the events which will run throughout Apprenticeship Week:

“Sticking with the overarching ‘Rise to the top’ theme, we wanted to give our apprentices a competitive advantage and the opportunity to stand out. The pinnacle of the week will see our apprentices get involved in an ANS Careers Advice Workshop, a lunch with the directors and several smaller activities.

“At ANS everyone has a voice, whether you’re an apprentice or an analyst. You’re opinion matters. So with this in mind we try to get together with our apprentices throughout the year to hear about their successes, challenges and anything we can do to improve how and what they are learning.”

The week’s events will also see several of the ANS Apprentices visiting customer sites and experience their first taste of on-site infrastructure. Shannon discusses the reasons behind the incentive:

“At ANS we promote innovative infrastructure and for this to be our reality we strive for innovative, exciting learning methods. We’re looking to train the next generation of tech leaders, it makes no sense for them to be stuck at a desk for 7.5 hours a day. Customer site visits allow our apprentices to get to grips with the technology that they’ll be working with day in and day out in the future.

“When they’re not onsite our apprentices have the opportunity to train in a hub environment; enabling them to break and mend environments and work to fix critical issues. We’ve found that this practical approach offers our apprentices an effective, dynamic learning environment.”

Beyond on-the-job training, ANS apprentices also have the opportunity to pursue vendor certifications and Academy graduates are guaranteed employment at ANS provided they have successfully fulfilled the requirements of the scheme. However, it’s not just about what they learn in the classroom or workspace, as Shannon explains:

“Some of our team are 17/18 years old, our academy is tailored to suit the needs of the individual. We aren’t adverse to getting involved outside of the office, in the past we’ve helped with locating housing, tenancy/references and even furnishings for our apprentices.

“We’re concerned with ensuring our apprentices develop into well rounded, happy, valuable members of society. This is something that cannot be taught in the workplace, it’s about going that extra mile which is who we are and what we do here at ANS.”