ANS Celebrate Commercial Marketing Innovation Cisco Award 2013


Last night ANS Group attended the Cisco Partner Awards for the 1st half FY 13, to which they were awarded best marketing commercial innovation award.

ANS’ “Cloud just got Flexy” campaign was born out of the need to create an innovative campaign aimed at the change in the market towards cloud computing and combining that with our award winning Infrastructure 3.0 architecture.

The call to action for the campaign was to generate event attendees where ANS could explain the ANS proposition and promote cloud awareness. Slinkies landed on over 450 target and prospects desks springing back memories of the most sought after childhood toy of the ‘80s. But what does a slinky have to do with the cloud you say? Think about it – ANS’ solutions provide the ultimate flexibility in cloud infrastructure. Three sell out events followed our direct mail campaign and over 70 companies heard our proposition at 3 prestigious venues across the country including Cloud 23 @ The Hilton Manchester.

Paul Sweeney Managing Director of ANS Group said: “In the fast paced technology environment its important our campaigns are innovative and unique. We are extremely proud to have been recognised for our innovation and are continuing to produce award winning campaigns to generate new business for ANS and Cisco”.

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