ANS Chairman and the PM


This week saw Scott Fletcher Chairman of ANS Group sit down with David Cameron to talk apprenticeships and the development of young people across the country.

As part of the Conservative Party manifesto the 2015, the government pledged to deliver the skills employers need by creating three million more apprenticeships by 2020.

Fletcher is well-known for being a champion of youth and apprenticeships. In 2013 ANS’ founded the ANS Academy, a 12-month apprenticeship programme that aims to rectify the skills gap within the IT sector and support young people as they develop a career in the industry.

Fletcher has been very vocal about the power of apprenticeships in the past saying: “There is no sitting back on past glories in our industry, it’s all about constant reinvention and innovation and investment in young talent is the essential fuel for that transformation and growth. At ANS we’re leading the way in nurturing young talent, something that the sector as a whole needs to be concerned about given that the UK’s Digital industry may face serious problems in the future because of a skill deficit.”

The ANS Apprentice Academy, now in its third year, has been growing year on year and each year the academy aims to take on upwards of 30 new recruits aiming to fast track the young apprentices’ into the IT environment of Managed Services.

Fletcher comments:
“By offering each apprentice the opportunity of full time employment beyond the scheme our apprentices become some of our most valuable employees, bringing fresh thinking to the way we run our business.”

The apprenticeship takes into account all the necessary requirements for developing skills and accreditations in world-renowned vendor support and career building at ANS.