ANS conquers Tough Mudder


What’s crazier than doing a Tough Mudder challenge? Doing it for two years in a row! That’s right, despite having tackled the 12 mile challenge last year, the ANS Mudder Fudders were at it again this weekend, finishing the notoriously gruelling obstacle course in just over 4 hours.

The team lucked out on Saturday with a sunny day and warm temperatures, no doubt providing welcome relief after crawling through tunnels, scaling walls, being electrocuted and swimming through ice pools, all in all covering more than 12 miles of rigorous terrain.

The Special Forces-designed event is designed to test strength, commitment and endurance, and unlike your typical 5k, the non-traditional event focuses less on achieving a competitive time and more on fostering an atmosphere of positivity and camaraderie.

The Mudder Fudders might be crazy, but it’s all for a good cause. The team raised a total of £1,000 for the Factory Youth Zone, a youth centre in Manchester that provides activities, mentoring and support for young people in the area.

ANS team member Sophie Cornock completed the obstacle course for a second time this year: “It’s such a rewarding feeling getting through 12 miles of gruelling obstacles, and raising money for a charity like The Factory Youth Zone made it that bit more special. Having completed Tough Mudder for the second time, I thought I knew what was in store, but it turned out to be even harder than my previous year. Our team of 15 started together and finished together, so it was great for teambuilding and camaraderie and no-one was left behind. Bring on next year!”

ANS’ Managing Director of Managed Services Paul Shannon took part in this year’s event: “I’m so proud of the team, not only for just completing what was an exhausting and challenging course, but for the way they all worked together to finish together. The whole day really summed up what we stand for at ANS – setting ourselves an ambitious challenge, completing it as a team and raising money for a good cause – and doing it all with a positive attitude.”

You can still donate to The Factory Youth Zone by clicking here