ANS offer Perfect Prescription for Patient Care


Technology Overhaul is the Perfect Prescription for Patient Care at Leeds & York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

With an estimated two million more adults in the UK with mental health issues and learning disabilities by 2030, the Leeds & York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust has placed technology at the forefront of its plans.

The Trust have partnered with technology provider ANS who provided a network and security refresh to enable its 3,000 staff to work with greater agility and mobility improving the accessibility of mental health and learning disabilities services available.

The investment will provide a secure, scalable and wireless upgrade alongside Cisco’s Identity Services Engine which will provide the organisation with increased mobility and security across its 45 sites throughout West Yorkshire.

Hergy Galsinh, Head of ICT Network Services at Leeds & York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust said;

“Digital technology presents us with new ways of delivering services more efficiently and effectively. This investment will open the door to agile working and provide us with a secure platform on which to build.

Security is a key element of this project, with patient records, clinical applications, voice over IP and unified communications, it is vital to maintain a highly secure network.  This investment provides the organisation with the opportunity for trusted and non-trusted devices to connect to the network in a secure environment, protecting data and information without hampering efficiency.”

Leeds & York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust are planning to implement mobile device management as it looks to ensure its workforce is equipped with the devices to improve efficiency when delivery key clinical services.

Paul Sweeney at ANS commented:

“The London School of Economics estimates that 75% of people experiencing depression or anxiety-related problems access no treatment. Leeds & York Partnership is tackling this challenge directly by transforming the way it operates as an organisation.

“Clinicians can access applications on any device they choose, whether or not this is on a trusted device, with the reassurance that if it’s on Apple or Android operating system this will be done securely. This is a huge transformation for Leeds & York Partnership as it means patients can be seen in a setting that is most comfortable for them, helping remove some of the stigma attached to mental health and learning disabilities.”

Leeds & York Partnership NHS Network, wireless for guest and corporate, firewalls and web security.  Plans are in place to give the Trust a stable, scalable wireless infrastructure for guest access.

The partnership comes as ANS announce their strategic acquisition of Stockport based specialist IT Network and Service Provider, Eison, to further underpin their Hybrid Cloud and datacentre strategy.  Paul Sweeney CEO commented:

“We’re incredibly excited to welcome Eison to ANS, this acquisition gives us the additional expertise to ensure that our networking solutions are as innovative and robust as our datacentre solutions, giving our joint customers the ideal partnership for their ongoing needs.”