Bruntwood Property Group lay foundations for DR


ANS Group has signed a five-year contract with Bruntwood Property Group, to refresh the organisation’s back end infrastructure and update ageing systems including Bruntwood’s disaster recovery (DR) solution.

Bruntwood’s previous off-site DR solution was difficult to scale as the company grew and relied heavily on maintaining manual processes, making the organisation vulnerable to key system and key man exposure. The backend storage solution was end of life and simply not adding any value.

Working with ANS Group, Bruntwood has implemented two NetApp systems across two sites (one at Bruntwood’s Manchester HQ & another at M247, the biometrically-secured data centre in Trafford Park) helping them to refresh ageing storage systems and increasing resiliency and scalability across the business. Bruntwood also subscribed to the ANS FlexPod service, which will ensure critical applications are available in the event of a disaster.

Paul Bamber, Head of IT for Bruntwood said, “This investment means that IT has become an enabler and we now have an infrastructure that can respond to the demands of our business.”
“We have built a solid platform that allows technology to help shape the strategy of the business from infrastructure and application, to resilience and back-up.”

“Whilst retaining the flexibility of existing infrastructure the enhancements mean that we can react to the business and market demands at the earliest opportunity. We also now have a platform to review our system and infrastructure strategy over the next 3/4 years as we see more applications move to the cloud resulting in lower levels of site infrastructure.”

Andy Barrow, CTO at ANS added: “In a market as competitive as property, speed and agility wins in the marketplace. This investment will enable Bruntwood to respond to a fast moving market quicker than ever before.
“Disaster recovery is critical for an organisation the size of Bruntwood and streamlining the manual processes has allowed the organisation to be more strategic on a day-to-day basis with added infrastructure resilience.”

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