At first sight: How does the Business Support Team make a lasting first impression?

Here at ANS we provide our customers with world-class expertise and exceptional service and their journey starts with the Business Support Team. As the saying goes, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” As the first point of contact, whether that’s in person or over the phone, we are responsible for ensuring our visitors receive the ANS experience from the moment they walk through the door to the moment they leave.

Each customer is made to feel at home as they are greeted with a cheery “Welcome to ANS” and the brightest smile before a welcome coffee (ANS branded of course) and a choccy biscuit – always a useful marketing tool.

They ensure that our visitors come and go safely and securely and if someone is in the office, its BST’s job to know about it. Their mantra is, if we can make a visitor’s experience that little bit better, then great things can happen. Administrative tasks are second nature but it’s the getting to know visitors that’s the fun part of the job. A cheery disposition can make all the difference, and it’s all worth it when we receive praise from visitors saying how much our friendly chats ‘put them at ease’ and ‘we must make a good impression on clients’.

Trustford, a leading car dealership, partner with ANS to stay ahead of the competition by revolutionising the customer experience. Their vision is focussed on digitising the customer’s journey to give them more visibility and control. Their customer centric outlook on business matches perfectly with ANS’ mission to provide exceptional service to all our customers.

The customer stated that culture was a huge factor when finding the right cloud services provider to fit their business needs. The company has since said that it was ANS’ ambition that led them to choosing ANS to guide them on their digital transformation. The team said they felt a true sense of our values as soon as they walked through the doors at ANS. The energy in the office, the greeting they received and the kind nature of our Business Support Team all helped the customer to decide that ANS was the right fit for them.

Our customers comment on how highly we place in the Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For listings. There is no arguing that it’s the synergy between both companies that has taken our relationship from strength to strength and this all began with the Business Support Team.

Our front of house team is the first to deliver exceptional ANS service and first impressions mean everything to us. The Business Support Team is so much more what meets the eye. Some people might call them receptionists, but we prefer ‘Head of First Impressions’.

Our customers say it best, see what they have to say here.

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