Transforming patient care with AWS

The future of healthcare starts here.

We’re working with AWS to transform the future of healthcare. Our goal is to help healthcare organisations to achieve their digital ambitions, whether that be improving patient care and outcomes, making better data-driven decisions, streamlining processes or reducing costs.

In collaboration with AWS, we’re helping healthcare organisations to achieve this by leveraging the power of public cloud. So Whether you’re looking to adopt public cloud for the first time, or you’ve got a footprint already but are yet to see the benefits, we can help you to maximise your potential.

When done correctly, using the cloud can arm you with the flexibility and agility to drive extraordinary transformation. Once you’re confidently up and running, we’ll work with you to maximise its potential by integrating world-leading technologies such as mobile applications giving patients control over their A&E journey through to common data platforms and smart hospital solutions.

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Cloud Start

Want to get up and running in AWS quickly, efficiently and securely? Our Cloud Start framework let’s you do just that. Cloud Start is perfectly aligned to suit your operational needs and best practices

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Data Platform Accelerator

Receive a production-ready cloud based analytics platform delivered within weeks - enabling you to make better, more informed business decisions, faster.

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Chatbot Accelerator

Download Basebot, our complimentary foundational open source chatbot designed to accelerate your time to realise value.

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WorkSpaces Accelerator

Provision Windows or Linux desktops in minutes and scale quickly to get your workforce up and running quickly and securely from anywhere

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AWS Managed Cloud

If you’re looking for an AWS Managed Cloud expert, you’ve come to the right place! Our Managed Cloud service will ensure you get the most out of your cloud investment. And the best thing? Our 175 Cloud gurus are only ever a phone call away, poised and ready to unleash their technical expertise, governance management and reporting to help you increase operational value. And the benefits don’t end there – we can also provide financial insights and automation to reduce your platform consumption.

All of our managed services are available as a Managed or Co-managed service.

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Managed AWS made easy.

Our innovative service management platform, GLASS will enable you to access a range of key functionalities at your fingertips. The digital portal provides a single view of your service, allows you to run expedient reporting and review service level data.

Developed and driven by the individual requirements of each of our customers, the platform allows complete access and control over real-time updates. Easily view, add and update all incidents and changes within the platform, from any device, anywhere, anytime.

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We challenge you to improve your cloud health!

Cloud Score is our unique scoring mechanism designed to rate your overall cloud health, so that you can improve and optimise your cloud environment. Designed to both challenge and educate you to get the best out of your cloud environment, Cloud Score works by breaking down various elements of your cloud environment, such as application on-boarding, tagging, monitoring, and security to give you a completely transparent insight into how well your environment is operating.

We’ll start by giving your Cloud environment an initial score along with recommendations to help you optimise your environment and increase your overall rating so you can start reaping all the possible features and benefits of cloud.

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