ANS Conquers Mount Snowdon at Night

25 October 2021

Saturday 16th October saw 24 of the ANS team push their physical and mental limits to the max by conquering Mount Snowdon in the dark. Trekking to Heights of 3,300ft through the dead of night, the team hoped to raise £6,960 for the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital (RMCH).

RMCH Charity aims to support excellence in treatment, research and care provided to 280,000 children each year, ensuring they continue to receive the highest quality treatment in the highest quality facilities. The donations raised by ANS will go towards the purchase of specialist equipment to diagnose and provide treatment to young patients more quicky and easily.

The team began their trip in the town of Llanberis, the heart of the Snowdonia National Park, registering with the guides and stocking up on water, energy drinks, and protein bars. As one of the highest mountains in England and Wales, Snowdon promised a real challenge, especially at night. Still, some of the team members may not have realised just how much of a challenge it would be, the images of experiencing the wonder and serenity of a night trek under the blanket of stars were quickly dashed when the guide calmly stated ‘there is a possibility we might not summit the mountain tonight, the weather is going to get so harsh it may be too dangerous’. Still, spurred on by adrenaline, the team set off with their spirits high.

It took approximately one hour before the challenge proved just how difficult it was going to be. Battling 60mph winds, heavy rain, and dropping temperatures, reaching the summit seemed almost impossible and for a lot of the team, it was. During the early hours of the morning the second group which were only 45 minutes away from the summit, were told to pause on a ridge and huddle into the side of Snowdon. Tom Wylie, Customer Success Manager, said ‘I read the weather report on the way to Snowdon and was pretty happy when I read that we would only get 1mm of rain overnight. The next thing I know one of our guides is calmly stating “we need to get off the mountain now, there is a very serious risk of someone going over the edge” we got a little more than 1mm’.

For the team who reached the summit in the early hours, it wasn’t long before they received the same message. Hamish Milner, Account Director, commented ‘whilst it wasn’t a stereotypical Saturday night out, there was more adrenaline running through the team during the ascent to the summit in those wild winds and rain than I’ve had when visiting some of Europe’s liveliest nightclubs!’. Those who reached the summit has a couple of minutes to enjoy their triumph before being told to head back down.

The whole team noted that the climb up felt like it took triple the time it did to get down. Katy Rawlinson, People Development Manager, said ‘The unexpected weather made it so much more challenging. Yes, even though it was tough, spirits were always up, and we definitely felt a heightened sense of achievement when we’d finished. It’s easy to complain when the conditions are as brutal as they were, but it was important to remember the reason we were doing it, and the fact that we don’t have to do it, we get to do it.’

The team smashed their original target of £6,960, raising just over £10,000.

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