How to transition to cloud with confidence

26 October 2020

Your connectivity is not what it was 10 years ago. In 2020, organisations are transforming their services, and indeed their business, with cloud and digital technologies like never before. Not only that, as a result of the pandemic, the need for cloud computing services has increased greatly. In fact, a recent report indicates that in the next two years the cloud computing industry will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 12.5%.

We find that whilst connectivity is the most important technology to keep your business operational, it’s often the last thing to be considered when organisations start a digital project. In fact, in our experience, 78% of digital projects are delayed when you don’t talk about connectivity and 68% of connectivity is not architected with cloud in mind.

At ANS, we’ve developed Cloud Connect, a structured methodology and framework for delivering cloud and digital-ready connectivity. Read on to find out exactly what Cloud Connect is, how we deliver it and how it can benefit your move to the cloud.


What is Cloud Connect?

Cloud Connect is a structured methodology and framework that looks at the governance, compliance and architectural principles to deliver optimised connectivity for your move to cloud and digital. And if you still have some legacy applications, we support hybrid environments too. We structure this in a consistent and repeatable way using blueprint designs to capture all the necessary principles to deliver the target architecture for your business needs.

ANS have aligned this to both the cloud adoption and well-architected frameworks, ensuring that our customers benefit from the structure and governance already agreed in the major public cloud providers architectures and ANS have extended this out to the external connectivity requirements to ensure end to end continuity for our customers.


What are the benefits of having a cloud-ready network?

It’s thorough

We take an enterprise approach to this methodology, conforming to structure well-architected framework meaning we look at every aspect of your connectivity, from technical and operating models, to architecture and security, to commercials. This connects everything from the user to the application.

It’s structured

When you start implementing network technologies like SD-WAN and cloud services, you need to have clear visibility of all application and user traffic flows from both a logical and physical networking point of view. That’s why we ensure every element of that structure from physical connectivity, to WAN, to cloud connectivity, to cloud networking, to multi-cloud are taken into consideration.

It’s secure

That sounds like a lot to handle, that’s why our managed services team will take care of your connectivity for you and help you understand how to manage it going forward. And at the same time, our team of experts will help you understand how to keep your network secure as we’ll architecture your cloud-ready network.


How do you deliver Cloud Connect?

Our dedicated Solution Architect will work with you closely to assess your connectivity architecture, from the user and the thing to the application and cloud environment. You’ll be completely immersed in everything that we do so nothing is left unturned and we understand where we can deliver value.

Our highly experienced and trained team will ensure seamless delivery to minimise disruption and downtime in the short term and maximise increases in efficiency, productivity and technological capabilities in the long term.

Once we have delivered your new services, we don’t stop there. We will keep the engagement going with regular service and design reviews to ensure that you are getting the best from your network.


What can I achieve with Cloud Connect?

With Cloud Connect, we’ll build an enterprise-grade solution together that is designed to be validated by cloud service providers such as Microsoft and AWS.

No matter where your cloud environment sits, how many sites you have, types of applications or services, we’ll address any strategic digital ambitions you have in place to ensure your connectivity designed to deliver on those business and technical objectives.

With this framework, your application traffic is at the forefront of our design, defining the best connectivity method for your users to consume your applications and services. Whether they are working from the office, home or on the road, our application centric, connectivity approach delivers an end-to-end service to meet their needs. Carrier, transport and platform agnostic, our experience and expertise make us a fast moving and innovative service provider.


With nearly 30 years’ experience in delivering connectivity services, we believe only a cloud service provider has the expertise to design a next generation network that can adapt to your future digital ambitions. Cloud Connect gives you the confidence to transition to cloud seamlessly, with the knowledge that your environment has been designed with best-in-class architecture to ensure your end users get the best possible experience.

To find out more about what you can achieve with ANS Cloud Connect, read our datasheet.