What happens after you graduate from the ANS Academy?

5 August 2020

Due to the effects of the coronavirus outbreak, many sectors and organisations simply don’t have the capacity to be hiring right now. But not in the world of tech, especially at ANS. Our teams are growing and now is a great time to join as we help our customers navigate the new normal with cloud and digital technologies.

We’re looking for a new cohort of young and energetic apprentices who love technology to join our ANS Academy this autumn. Nurturing home-grown talent is what we love to do and you’ll see just why in this blog.

Meet Will, he joined the ANS Academy in October 2017 and in less than 3 years he’s gone on to become a Junior DevOps Engineer, working on some of the latest technology ANS has to offer. We caught up with him to find why he chose an apprenticeship with ANS and how he took the next steps in his career.


Hi Will, so what was your first role at ANS?

I started as a Technical Analyst Apprentice. After a couple weeks on the service desk, I progressed quickly from monitoring and mailbox tasks to picking up triage tickets (tickets that had pre-set solutions such as disk resizes, interface down alerts, snapshot requests) Our weeks were split between training and on the job practice (you can take a guess which I enjoyed more).


Why did you decide to join the ANS Academy?

I found ANS through a relative and saw they had an apprenticeship program. I got in contact with the apprenticeship manager and arranged to do some work experience to see what ANS was like and whether I could see myself working there.

When leaving high school, I already knew that I wanted a career in tech, and I didn’t really fancy the idea of going to college to sit in a classroom for another 2 years. I was eager to get hands on with industry leading tools and technologies and ANS offered me exactly that.


Why did you decide to move into Cloud Ops?

After completing the Level 3 Apprenticeship, I was working on more and more cloud tickets and working on cloud automation, so it was a no brainer to move into a team with the skills and knowledge to help me progress in my career.

The best part of my role is the freedom to build automation that I think will be valuable instead of being told, ‘This is what you’re working on today’ and being given a stack of tickets to work through.

I also love working with customers to help them skill up on new technologies such as terraform and Kubernetes.


What motivates you every day?

Most people retire so they can live their passion. At ANS, I get to do my passion for a living. I’ve found a job I love getting up for every day.


Do you have any advice for anyone looking at starting an apprenticeship this year?

Pick something you enjoy, we spend A LOT of time at work throughout our lives, why waste it doing something you’re not going to love? I would also say do your research and find companies that you like the look of, you don’t want any nasty surprises.

Of course, it’s always best to check if they have an apprenticeship program but there are a lot of opportunities out there for the taking if you’re willing to work hard. For me, I found it best to do a couple days work experience to get my foot in the door.

And the top thing I would say is, if you do a job that you enjoy you will be more successful than someone doing the same job but just for the money.


Thanks for your time Will, what a journey you’ve had at ANS so far. And there’s much more to come we’re sure!

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