Bruntwood deploy IoT Smart Space solution to drive informed business decisions

Property specialist, Bruntwood, has partnered with cloud service provider, ANS Group, to deploy a cutting-edge IoT smart space solution across its property portfolio, enabling the organisation to improve space utilisation and improve the interactions between users, spaces and devices.

With the help of a bespoke smart spaces solution developed by ANS, Bruntwood will be able to gain insight into how workers interact with environments, which will inform future investments and refurbishment schemes driven by the business.

The solution, which measures occupancy, noise, temperature, and CO2, will allow the business to gain insight into maintenance needs such as whether buildings have enough showers and toilets, whether bike stores are suitably sized and being used, as well as how shared spaces are used throughout the day.

Bruntwood will be one of the first property companies to harness IoT and big data capabilities from Microsoft Azure Digital Twin, supported by ANS. This will enable the company to optimise the speed with which it collects and aggregates utilities data from customers.

This will be made possible by using a comprehensive digital model of the physical data held by the company, which will help to produce analysis on the relationships and interactions between people, spaces and devices.

Using this, Bruntwood will be able to reduce the resources dedicated to managing data for its customers and offer its maintenance teams actionable insights to detect problems before they occur. This will enable its teams to work smarter and optimise its buildings, allowing Bruntwood to deliver enhanced and efficient customer service.

Paul Bamber, director of technology at Bruntwood: “Data is absolutely key to our business and we’re incredibly excited by the opportunities the smart spaces and digital twin projects will bring. This data will allow us to build on our people-centric approach to the way we develop and manage our buildings.

“When you work with a partner like ANS, you can go from being in the midst of implementing an occupancy data tool, to building a digital twin. The level of detail in the team’s approach to scoping, planning and designing has always been best in class.”

Andy Barrow, CTO at ANS Group: “It can be very easy for companies to miss a beat when it comes to finding and implementing the right solutions for data aggregation, especially with the time required to manage and analyse the huge amounts of data created every second, minute, hour and day.

“Bruntwood is one of the first property companies to go beyond just talking about IoT and is fully utilising it to gain actionable insights from data collected to improve the way people work. It’s a truly exciting partnership and we really admire how forward-thinking Bruntwood is when it comes to new, advanced solutions. We’re looking forward to supporting the team as it continues to adapt and evolve technologically.”

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