Harnessing new age technology to improve patient care

Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust manages the five NHS adult hospitals in Sheffield.
They provide around one million appointments and operations every year, offering almost all treatments
available on the NHS.

The Trust engaged with ANS to deliver a comprehensive Readiness Assessment on their existing infrastructure. Tracey Scotter, CIO explains the drivers behind the Readiness Assessment:

“At the point of engagement we were looking to develop and implement a digital health record through three major IT systems as part of NHS England’s initiative to transform NHS services using technology and data. As such, there was a real desire to understand the journey we needed to take in order for us to deliver on our ambitions.

The team at ANS showed excellent understanding of the drivers behind the project and a detailed knowledge of how these could be fulfilled. ANS’ assessment services provided us with an in-depth understanding of how well our IT services were aligned to our organisational needs.”

This Readiness Assessment really gave us the confidence that ANS had the skills and capabilities we needed in a partner. It was an invaluable project. It highlighted exactly what we could achieve and how we could improve our efficiency by taking advantage of what technology can now offer. Tracey Scotter, CIO, Sheffield Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  • An ANS Readiness Assessment enables organisations to gain a clear understanding of their existing infrastructure
  • ANS gathered data that helped to evaluate the performance and health of the Hospital’s existing IT infrastructure
  • Strengths and weaknesses of the environment were assessed from this capture exercise
  • A complete infrastructure audit was carried out in partnership with the internal technical staff
  • ANS presented a strategic view of the Trust’s IT infrastructure needs and a roadmap to illustrate the journey to target architecture
  • A set of requirements and recommendations derived
  • A business case detailed and justified investment required to deliver the future strategy
  • ANS and the Trust identified key areas for development. These areas were crucial to the effectiveness of an IT infrastructure overhaul
  • Award-winning FlexPod infrastructure was selected as the preferred solution
  • FlexPod Infrastructure supports the local components of Sheffield Teaching Hospitals - Transformation
    Through Technology programme
  • ANS will also provide the Trust with 24x7x365 enhanced management and monitoring support

Features and Benefits

“The assessment identified an accurate picture of the performance and health of our current infrastructure. Using this as a starting block, ANS helped us to define a robust business case, which ensured our infrastructure was more robust, efficient and ready for innovation.”

“As IT spend continues to invite rigorous scrutiny, a robust business case is an invaluable part of the engagement process. The business case delivered on the business objectives including increased productivity, whilst ensuring every penny delivered an organisational outcome with a solid return.”

Tracey Scotter, Director of ICT

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