Graham & Brown

Graham & Brown are a family owned company at the cutting edge of design and colour within the home improvement market. Their products are retailed throughout major DIY outlets in the UK, North America and Europe as well as over 150 Graham & Brown branded outlets across high growth overseas markets.

When Graham & Brown began preparing themselves for substantial global business growth and change, they embarked on finding a technical partner to help them develop the group local area network and wide area network strategy. As with many companies looking to scale up, they faced challenges and pressures on their legacy network, including capacity issues, resilience requirements and cultural differences in operability. Their existing network (both LAN and WAN) was suitable for their business requirements when the infrastructure was first installed, but as the business continued to grow, Graham & Brown required a more resilient and flexible network to accommodate their evolving requirements.

To fulfil this requirement, Graham & Brown turned to ANS to design and implement a WAN and LAN solution. ANS’ exceptional technical ability, innovative design and reputation for customer care were key factors in their decision to engage with us.

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ANS has enabled us to further our global reach and provide enterprise applications, wherever and whenever they are needed. Mike Williams, Head of IT, Graham & Brown
  • Architected and implemented a resilient multi-carrier hybrid global WAN to connect all global sites with head office delivering a cost effective a versatile connectivity solution.
  • Dual private connections were provided and a triangulated network was configured to ensure resilience for UK sites.
  • ANS are in the process of configuring and installing a centralised internet breakout with hosted firewall for G&B utilising ANS’ infrastructure. This ensures that there is no reliance on a single site for internet connectivity, adding additional resilience to G&B's network.
  • G&B's reliance on a fast, stable internet connection has increased due to increasing their use in ‘cloud’ based applications such as Office 365. They now have an extremely scalable, secure and reliable internet connection from their infrastructure.
  • Undertook an analysis of G&B’s existing LAN and concluded that the edge switches were no longer fit for purpose and required immediate attention.
  • Along with supplying new 1Gbps edge switches, a LAN redesign was undertaken to increase resilience
  • Delivered non-disruptive operations throughout the integration process.
  • Designed and installed a 10Gb core LAN, capable of supporting both Ethernet and Fibre channel in a single unified LAN

Features and Benefits

Since the installation of their LAN and WAN networks, Graham & Brown have received increased resiliency across their network which has seen a reduction in downtime. The installation of a Hybrid WAN has given Graham & Brown a more versatile and cost-effective way to connect to their offices. An increasing reliance on a fast, stable internet connection is no longer a challenge as Graham & Brown can now depend on ANS’ infrastructure to support an extremely scalable secure and reliable internet connection which is able to provision their continued growth ambitions.

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