A fast & agile cloud ready network

Food giant Greencore has begun its ambitious long term IT overhaul with a major core infrastructure project across its 25 sites throughout the US, UK and Ireland.

The leading manufacturer of convenience food in the UK & US, Greencore is the number one sandwich maker in the UK making over 430million pre-packed sandwiches a year for major retail brands; as well as having leading market positions in other convenience food categories.  In addition to the UK, Greencore has a fast-growing business in the US, where it supplies retail and convenience store outlets for several large customers. Total Group revenues for Greencore were £1.3bn (c.$1.9bn) in 2014.

Our vision is to be a fast growing, international convenience food leader, it is vital we have the infrastructure and an IT system that enables us to deliver that vision. We need to be fast, agile and respond to market demands quicker than ever before. Chris Smith, Group Infrastructure Manager, Greencore
  • The five-year contract with managed services specialist ANS Group sees core infrastructure installed on LAN.
  • Installation of wireless on all sites including factories and office space with a 24/7 fully managed service on all components.
  • The project is the first step in a five-year plan and will enable Greencore to scale its IT to support its future growth strategy.
  • The innovative state of the art network infrastructure is underpinned by a fully managed service that matches the needs of the business and will scale to help deliver growth.
  • The managed service element has created an extension of Greencore’s IT department.

Features and Benefits

This investment has given Greencore a robust network, streamlined IT and supports the company to achieve its ambitious vision.

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