Howard Jackson

Howard Jackson is a leading IT sales recruitment agency that has been placing IT sales managers, sales directors, account managers and IT sales executives with customers in the UK since its inception 20 years ago. They have offices in key areas across the UK and work hard to ensure that their customers consistently receive talented staff that will fit perfectly into their organisation.

Howard Jackson engaged with ANS Group after their staff numbers grew by 50% in a six month period, putting pressure on their existing infrastructure, which had come to the end of its life and required replacing.

Having weighed their options, Howard Jackson opted for a five year contract with ANS’ new Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering. Under the terms of the agreement, ANS will provide the full network for Howard Jackson using the award-winning FlexPod architecture from their shared data centre in the cloud. This is fully managed by the ANS managed services team, with a guaranteed 99.9% network availability written in to the SLAs.

Peter Ingram, MD at Howard Jackson, immediately saw the benefits of IaaS. “We had several issues that we needed to solve when we began speaking to ANS. One was that we had grown considerably, and planned to continue to do so. This had put pressure on our existing infrastructure. Another concern was that the actual equipment was quite old and we were looking at a high amount of capital expenditure to bring them up-to-date.

“A third issue for us was that we had reached a point where we did not have the requisite technical expertise in-house to provide the size of network that we needed. When we spoke to ANS about FlexPod in the cloud it was as if a light had suddenly come on. It gave us everything that we needed.”

We are now running a top-notch infrastructure with the latest technology from Cisco, NetApp, Citrix and VMware, without the need for a huge capital outlay. More importantly though, it is being run by ANS and is no longer something we have to worry about - our SLA means that we are assured of its availability and we can simply get on with our jobs. We’re in the recruitment business and it is such a relief to no longer have to be concerned about trying to fit network provision into our busy days. Peter Ingram, Managing Director, Howard Jackson
  • ANS now provide a full Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) service, allowing users to securely log in to a desktop delivered by Citrix from any device within the company’s offices across the UK.
  • All licences for software used by the staff and are included in the solution at no extra cost.
  • All storage requirements are now also dealt with by ANS, and the solution has been designed with maximum flexibility to help Howard Jackson to grow in the most effective manner possible.
  • Should they require more storage, or desktops for more members of staff, these can be provided on an ‘as and when’ basis.
  • This gives them the potential to expand their IT infrastructure ‘on demand’ without having to pay for storage or other services that they are not using in the meantime.
  • The top notch infrastructure is now being run by ANS and is no longer something Howard Jackson need to worry about.

Features and Benefits

Their SLA means that Howard Jackson are assured of its availability and they can simply get on with their jobs. Peter Ingram, Director of IT, commented:

“We’re in the recruitment business and it is such a relief to no longer have to be concerned about trying to fit network provision into our busy days.”

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