Increasing automation and quality of service

Founded in 2010, Gunnercooke, is one of the fastest growing commercial law firms in the UK. Self-styled “challenger” law firm Gunnercooke has created a new model of delivering legal services.

As part of this new model, Gunnercook needed to increase their use of automation and increase consistency in processing large amounts of administrative processes.

Lawyers at Gunnercooke work on a self-employed basis. As such, Gunnercook used to receive a large number of invoices roughly once a month which caused a large administrative load which increased the chance of errors. In order to remedy this, Gunnercook created a system of spreadsheets with the following goals:

Increase consistency: One of the core ideas behind the initial system was to create the invoices to Gunnercooke on behalf of their lawyers. This consistency, and the fact that they were already had the necessary data (rather than having to manually check over a PDF or similar) – meant that they were able to process invoices far more efficiently.

Increase automation: Due to the number of manual steps involved in processing payroll, the chance of human error was moderately high. This first solution by Gunnercooke went some way to mitigating this but was admittedly not greatly effective in this regard.

The outcomes of this first internal project included increasing productivity and efficiency and enabling a higher quality of service due to a more efficient, accurate process.

With the blueprint in place, ANS were engaged to audit, refine and rebuild the old system as a bespoke, cloud-based application. In addition to building on the benefits already realised by their initial build, the ANS-lead project incorporated the additional KPI of system stability. The thinking being that a bespoke application with a dedicated team behind it would be easier to maintain and extend (and thus, more stable), than a series of spreadsheets.


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