Enhancing the speed of the user-experience

International law firm, Kennedys, recognise that organisations that fail to adopt and embrace new technology must prepare to be left behind.

It was for this reason that the law firm embarked on a partnership with ANS, in order to commoditise core IT into a utility and further improve productivity by enhancing the speed and reliability of the systems that support the user experience.

The way in which law firms are viewing technology is changing. This investment has enabled Kennedys IT team to move from a line on a balance sheet to a business enabler, allowing our partners and staff to work faster, smarter and with greater flexibility.
  • The aim was to streamline the law firm’s global technology systems.
  • Streamlining would enabling its IT team to switch from a supportive to a business-enabling role.
  • The initiative involved the upheaval of Kennedy's core data centre infrastructure.
  • Then the deployment of a workspace solution far more flexible than any traditional desktop.
  • The user experience was transformed through the delivery of a virtual desktop solution.
  • VDS incorporates corporate apps store follow-me data.
  • Follow-me data offers a truly global accessibility.
  • Accessibility to all business systems from anywhere on multiple devices.
  • A standardised, more easily managed, desktop image for the operating system and core applications.

Features and Benefits

A recent office reshuffle proved that the IT effort involved to support staff moves can be reduced to almost nil. The return on investment comes from several streams, both in terms of reducing operational costs and in terms of increasing productivity within Kennedys legal teams as a result of a more stable IT environment.

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