Leicester College

Leicester College supports approximately 27,500 staff and learners who rely on a number of technology-enabled academic services. These business-critical applications and services depend on a reliable infrastructure foundation, so the college looked to expand their virtualisation strategy in order to improve their IT environment and better support end users.

Improving power efficiency and saving money on energy costs were also drivers behind the project, in addition to the impact that an improved, virtualised infrastructure solution would have on the college’s IT team.

Mohamed Casoojee, network manager at Leicester College explains: “It was imperative for my team to be able to provision services and servers a lot more quickly and robustly than they could before. We required a solution that would not only free up staff time and reduce costs, but is could adapt to accommodate growth. Another key requirement, was to find a solution which would reduce our power and cooling requirements.”

The current IT environment also posed potential problems for students and staff. With the present setup, a server issue would lead to a temporary loss of service. In real terms, this means that students wouldn’t be able to access their virtual learning environment, an intranet-based portal that offers access to interactive learning opportunities and resources including course handbooks, recorded lectures and webinars. Leicester College is committed to developing and promoting technology-enhanced learning, so maintaining access to these services is critical. Reliable access to these services is also essential for students who take advantage of the college’s distance or flexible learning opportunities.

Throughout the capacity planning exercise we had a hugely positive experience with ANS. The assessment resulted in a well-constructed and well thought out report that highlighted exactly what we could achieve. The quality and professional experience of ANS stood out to us and we had complete confidence that ANS had the skills and capabilities we needed in a partner. The environment has improved without a doubt, our team are much happier with the updated infrastructure Mohamed Casoojee, Network Manager, Leicester College
  • ANS designed and implemented a Managed Infrastructure Service built on FlexPod technology.
  • FlexPod is an innovative infrastructure solution that hosts the college’s existing physical servers and associated
  • FlexPod comprises best of breed technologies from NetApp, Cisco and Microsoft
    Hyper V.
  • ANS’ Managed Infrastructure Service is supported by an award winning, ITIL-accredited Service Management team.
  • Our team works closely with customers’ internal IT team.
  • With ANS providing maintenance and management support, the college can focus on change and improvement.
  • The Managed Infrastructure Service has enabled Leicester College to meet their objectives.
  • Enabling Leicester College to create an infrastructure foundation that will put them in good stead over the coming years.
  • By moving key systems and applications to virtual machines, the college has achieved increased flexibility.
  • The project has increased reliability has also saved on power and cooling costs due to a concurrent reduction in physical servers.
  • With a more secure platform, the college is capable of running their mission critical applications in line with current capacity needs.
  • They only have the latent capacity for future growth.
  • The increased system performance and the platform improves service levels even as the number of students increases.
  • It also increases uptime and allows essential maintenance to be carried out ‘in hours’ without disrupting service.
  • As anticipated, the new infrastructure has improved the daily experience for the college’s IT team.
  • A reliable infrastructure solution underpins all business functions.
  • With a future-proofed IT infrastructure the college will be able to easily support future organisational changes.
  • Should the opportunity arise to bring another college on board, the college can accommodate that.
  • The college can scale their infrastructure up and out without needing to replace underlying components or change their technology.
  • ANS’ Managed Infrastructure Service is designed to be flexible and adaptable to any business needs.
  • Managed Infrastructure Service provides the perfect foundation for the college to grow on.
  • The college can look to develop new e-services or increase their student population safe in the knowledge that they have an agile, scalable solution.

Features and Benefits

Leicestershire College now have an up to date modern system that is not only fit for purpose, but will  continue to be fit for purpose over the next few years. With a Managed Infrastructure Service, the college can focus their time and talent to more more effective and more innovative services.

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