ODEON enables DevOps with RAPID

ODEON, the leading cinema chain in the UK and Ireland, has teamed up with award-winning Cloud Service Provider ANS, as part of an infrastructure overhaul which will see the organisation roll out unrivalled technology innovation and enhance consumer experience. ODEON is part of the ODEON & UCI Cinemas Group, which also operates in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany and Austria,

ODEON chose to utilise pioneering RAPID Private Cloud System and Service Assured management from ANS. RAPID was developed as a standardised, highly configurable, policy driven Private Cloud that’s pre integrated, validated and tested. The infrastructure is delivered workload ready for consumption and is underpinned by ANS’ 28 working day deployment guarantee.

RAPID Private Cloud will allow ODEON to realise value from its infrastructure, today. David Miskell, Group Infrastructure Architect for ODEON, outlines the business benefits behind the relationship:

“All of us at ODEON are absolutely focused on offering our guests an excellent experience, from the moment they interact with us on social media and pre-order a ticket, through to visiting our cinemas and watching a fantastic film. Here in the IT department, our focus is on providing the very best services and support for our colleagues in the rest of the business to deliver outstanding guest experiences, while also developing new and exciting products that meet the same objective.”

“RAPID Private Cloud delivers an ‘out of the box’ experience that rivals what we are used to with the traditional public cloud vendors. Along with the DRaaS and BaaS solution that we have taken from ANS, we have a robust Infrastructure as a Service solution supported by ANS’s 24/7 Secure Operating Centre. Having ANS manage the infrastructure elements allows us focus to our efforts further up the application stack where our in-house ODEON knowledge delivers the most value.”

“Given how difficult building a private cloud can be, having a supplier that can give us the confidence to effectively provide this as a product within 28 working days, as opposed to a project of 6 to 12 months or longer, is a huge advantage for ANS and a testament to their innovative technical leadership.”

ODEON will mark another high profile RAPID delivery for ANS, after the organisation recently delivered RAPID Private Cloud Infrastructure to financial services organisation WH Ireland and The University of Nottingham. Paul Sweeney CEO at ANS describes the business benefits for the cinema chain:

“At ANS we are experts in Private Cloud and have won multiple European awards across various sectors for our work and commitment to helping business become cloud enabled. We believe a Private Cloud is something you buy, not build and use not manage.”

“RAPID will offer ODEON a pre integrated, validated and tested Private Cloud delivered in 28 working days, ready for use. The systems ship workload ready with industry leading API integrated cloud management platform software, developed and tested by our dedicated software integration department. Our systems are continually upgraded and developed as part of the ANS Service Assured package and they come with a 99.99% uptime service level.”

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