PJH Group

PJH are the UK’s largest supplier of bathrooms, kitchens and appliances. Since 1972, PJH have supplied goods to customers throughout the UK, from large multinational retailers to independent retailers.

PJH’s network is critical in enabling them to support all intercompany communications and connectivity to critical group systems, local systems, such as their ERP, and access to the internet. Their existing WAN had been suitable for a number of years, but due to business growth and change, PJH feared the existing network would limit future IT processes and business development. They also experienced a lack of control over the WAN, having limited ability to make dynamic changes to the operation of the existing network. This hindered the IT team’s ability to be proactive in fault finding and reacting to business requirements. They also faced a lack of visibility across the WAN, resulting in slow notifications of faults, leading to a potential loss of revenue.

Moving forward, PJH required full visibility and control of their network with the ability to re-route traffic dynamically in the event of a failure so that users and revenue are not affected.

We have worked with ANS for a number of years and therefore we knew we could trust them to deliver a truly resilient, flexible and scalable network. Our network is absolutely critical to our business and ANS has ensured there are no single points of failure, giving us peace of mind that our business critical applications will always be available. Robert Gilkey, Technical Services Manager PJH
  • Installation of new resilient connections at the 3 key sites into ANS’ private network. This has enabled PJH to open the business to a range of options including incorporating new technologies, increasing the network’s resilience & providing much faster fault resolution
  • Introduction of increased bearers at each site in preparation for an increase in bandwidth across the WAN in line with their future business strategy for growth and acquisition
  • Provided new resilient connections at each site with the backup circuit being provided by a different carrier for further resilience, ensuring there is no dependency on a single carrier’s core infrastructure
  • Ensured that each circuit terminates on an independent router to minimise single points of failure
  • Enabled PJH to replicate data from all sites should there be an issue with Head Office such as a power outage
  • Reduced traffic on the connection between PJH head office and the private network by hosting core business applications within the private network
  • Provided full visibility over the WAN with fast fault resolution and QoS across the network, prioritising traffic to ensure no critical applications are ‘bottlenecked’

Features and Benefits

PJH’s wide area network is now highly resilient, flexible and scalable. Resilient connections at their three key sites have ensured PJH have no single points of failure and as a result, they now have peace of mind that their crucial digital ‘picking process’ can always be relied upon to locate and select goods accurately and efficiently for customer delivery, meaning they are now much less likely to lose revenue as a result of network failure. In addition to the increased resilience, PJH are now prepared to embrace emerging technologies, enabling them to move towards a fully implemented VOIP phone system.

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