Swansway Garages

Swansway Garages are an independent family owned automotive retailer based in Crewe, Cheshire. Swansway have a range of 18 approved dealership franchises covering many industry leading brands.

Swansway’s WAN had grown organically over the years, consisting of a number of single links, connecting each branch individually to their headquarters in Crewe. Each remote branch could therefore only communicate with HQ – not with each other, meaning a disaster at Crewe would have resulted in no remote branches being able to function and a failure of the hardware at HQ would have caused downtime at the affected site until the hardware could be replaced. This network design therefore didn’t provide Swansway with any resiliency.

As the network has been in place for a number of years, it was showing signs of aging, lacked resiliency and was experiencing a number of performance issues at certain branches.

ANS were asked to design and implement a new WAN for the group which would firstly increase bandwidth, secondly offer a design which would facilitate DR and thirdly, allow flexibility and support future expansion.

It is rare for me to have encountered a service where I can wholeheartedly recommend - however, ANS is certainly one of them. Their attention to detail and approach to even the smallest elements meant that every single piece of the migration has been absolutely seamless. I can honestly say that the planning, configuration, rollout and support of our new WAN has been literally faultless. Colin Kirkham, Group IT Manager, Swansway Garages
  • ANS investigated Swansway's existing network and visited each branch location to examine exactly how it was being used and defined requirements for their new MPLS.
  • Approached 5 major carriers on Swansway's behalf for a 'wires only' cost, supporting Swansway in making their own informed decision.
  • Provied new access circuits to mesh together as a single IPVPN on the MPLS backbone network to provide a single shared network, allowing them to add sites easily and implement DR in the future.
  • Configured the existing DSL routers with a dynamic protocol which allows the legacy router to communicate with the new router. so should the new router fail, the legacy router will act as a backup.
  • Increased bandwidth in preparation for an increase in service across the WAN in line with their future business strategy for growth and acquisition.
  • Installed Meraki wireless access points enabling Swansway to give on-site customers access to simple, secure and seamless internet browsing.
  • Meraki was integrated with Purple Guest Wifi to provide cutting-edge analytics allowing them to tailor their marketing communications.

Features and Benefits

Swansway’s remote sites now connect into a large, high-speed, shared carrier network as well as a back-up network, rather than directly into the organisation’s HQ. Each remote branch can now communicate with any other branch, facilitating DR planning.

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