WDS, A Xerox Company

ANS first engaged with WDS, a Xerox Company, in 2012 to assist with the on-going review of their infrastructure estate in which it operates its data, communications and operations from today.

Backup provision is critical for any organisation to ensure that critical systems and data are not only secure and protected, but recoverable when it matters. However, traditional tape-based backup methods are often labour-intensive and unreliable, and consume valuable time and budget that reap more immediate results and discernable value from other business services. However, underinvestment in this area of IT ultimately puts systems, data and users at risk.

We needed to not only simplify our complicated and manual backup processes, but then remove them from our in-house team. We wanted to free up their time and talent for other projects, but could only do that with the confidence that our backup service was adequately managed by a trusted supplier. Jon Smith, Head of IT (EMEA) at WDS, A Xerox Company
  • WDS opted for a Managed Protection Service, giving ANS the responsibility for the management and maintenance of their backup services.
  • WDS can concentrate on developing services that improve the overall end-user experience.
  • With ANS’ Managed Backup, WDS’ site is connected to the ANS data centre with a dedicated point-to point WAN link.
  • Their corporate data, transmitted using an SSL encrypted tunnel, is encrypted and password-protected as it leaves the site.
  • No other customers’ data transits this link, which means there is never any contention for bandwidth and backups can flow smoothly.
  • Daily backups are stored offsite and replicated across ANS’ secure data centres.
  • As part of their Managed Protection Service WDS also benefits from a local appliance for restore purposes.
  • Knowing that typically 85% of data restore requests are for files created in the last 7 days, ANS maintains a 7 day local copy to make WDS’ recovery requests even quicker and easier to fulfil.
  • WDS’ Managed Protection Service has been specified with high level requirements.

Features and Benefits

The service allows WDS to move away from routine management and maintenance and instead free up resources for driving forward strategic IT projects.

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