WDS, A Xerox Company

Since 1995, WDS, a Xerox company, has helped both service providers and end-users get the most out of their wireless products and services by optimising launching and management processes.

They are the industry’s only provider of specialist managed services, with a focus on resolving issues and achieving savings and increased profitability for customers. Due to their expertise, they have built long-term and profitable relationships with some of the world’s most recognisable mobile brands.

With office locations across five continents, WDS supports millions of end-users each month with their services and tools, such as analytics, device management, consulting, training, testing and support. Their portfolio of solutions is aimed at helping their customers improve the end-user experience and “turn intelligence into a powerful business tool.”

The primary goal of the project identified by WDS was the consolidation of the current dispersed infrastructure onto a single, stable and resilient IT infrastructure that would provide the foundations for future growth of the organisation.

Jon Smith, Head of IT at WDS, A Xerox Company, said: “The server room was originally an office that had grown into a server room with the addition of air conditioning, a UPS and generator. We had 16 racks holding all of our data and voice equipment in an difficult, mixed OS environment, and needed a solution.”

To achieve this, they wanted to have additional compute infrastructure that would enable the migration of IT services to a robust infrastructure for the central provision of services to the business.

WDS also looked to move the hosting of services to a dedicated colocated data centre in order to provide as much resilience as possible within a single multi-protocol storage system and to ensure no single point of failure existed.

As a successful, global business, it was essential for WDS to have an infrastructure that could be easily scaled to accommodate inevitable future growth.

We chose Cisco UCS and FlexPod because this gave us a scalable system that could grow and scale as the business required. We were able to virtualise practically all of the server room and reduce the number of racks from 16 down to just 5. Jon Smith, Head of IT at WDS
  • WDS decided that a converged infrastructure would not only best suit their current needs and help them achieve identified goals.

  • The infrastructure would also easily adapt to any new demands that might arise.
  • The technology required a particular level of expertise, WDS chose ANS to implement the converged FlexPod platform.
  • Cisco UCS: Unifies the infrastructure and reduces the amount of management points for the network.
  • Nexus switches: Supplies the necessary power for running the unified data centre and ensures high network availability and performance
  • NetApp storage: Allows for 90% storage efficiency due to thin provisioning and deduplication technologies, resulting in a greener, more efficient and more cost-effective data centre.
  • VMware virtualisation: Service and desktop virtualisation increases the efficiency of NetApp storage.
  • To achieve their goals of a new, secure backup system, ANS was also commissioned to implement a fully-managed Backup as a Service (BaaS) solution to meet WDS’ backup and restore requirements.
  • BaaS protects data over a dedicated 100Mb cloudlink to ANS data centres
  • BaaS maintains two backup copies and 3-year retention for standard data, two backup copies and 7 years retention for finance data.
  • A d25GB contracted back up data split and stored using two different backup retention policies.
  • A dedicated point-to-point WAN link and data encryption guarantees complete data security.
  • Their corporate data, transmitted using an SSL encrypted tunnel, is encrypted and password-protected as it leaves the site.
  • No other customers’ data transits this link, which means there is never any contention for bandwidth and backups can flow smoothly.

Features and Benefits

The inherent scalability and flexibility of the FlexPod design means that WDS can concentrate on growing their business globally and developing applications that improve customer and staff experience. They will benefit from new, reliable and supported hardware, and have reduced training requirements that would be necessary for multiple vendor platforms.

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