Celebrating Summer, ANS Style

Last weekend we invited all ANS employees and their family members to our hotly anticipated summer party. Our founder, Scott Fletcher MBE, kindly opened up his home so that ANS staff, as well as friends and family, could celebrate the summer in style. But it wouldn’t be an ANS party if there wasn’t some healthy competition, so the day kicked off with the Total Wipe Out course. Our employees were split into teams and had to tackle wacky challenges from bouncing across the big red balls, to battling it out in the dueling ring and if that wasn’t challenging enough, the notorious ‘sweeper’ was sure to knock us off our feet and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

There’s competitive, then there’s ANS competitive. Our motto, ‘work hard, play harder’ has never rung so true. There was screaming, shouting, cheering, some of us even picked up some mild injuries it was that intense! The day’s activities came to a climax with the Tug of War which was won by our Operations Team. Despite that victory, it was our CEO Paul Shannon’s team who came out on top over all, so congratulations to Paul and his team. They won some envious prizes, with each of them receiving a £150 Virgin experience voucher and extra day’s holiday.

A party isn’t a party without food and we got to enjoy some brilliant grub. Manchester’s very own Hip Hop Chip Shop served tasty fish and chips and even some halloumi too. And it doesn’t stop there, we also had Sausage Box join us for the day dishing up amazing speciality sausage and incredible street food. Of course, there was a bar serving all the drinks you could imagine including some delicious cocktails. The Mai Tai and the Manchester Bramble were crowd favourites and the drinks were flowing as we danced our way into the night.

Thank you to all who came and brought their families, everyone had a fantastic time and even the sun made an appearance late in the afternoon. Days like this is what we are all about at ANS. We work hard, but we know how to party even harder ?

With parties like this, it’s no wonder we are the 18th Best Company to work for as voted by the Sunday Times. A career at ANS is full of perks and it’s important to reward our employees for their hard work as we value every single one. If you know how to work hard and play harder and would like to become part of our team, check out our current vacancies here.

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