Cloud Centre of Excellence

Continuous evolution in a box

Your evergreen cloud capability

We’ve combined the people, processes and tooling capable of delivering agile cloud projects on your behalf to underpin your path to digital transformation.

The ANS Cloud Centre of Excellence

This service allows you to tap into a rich pool of skills and resources as and when you need them, without the burden of having to build your own in-house capability.

This is the right service for you if:

  • You’re experiencing operational challenges with your cloud environment or CSP
  • You’ve recently completed a cloud or digital project yourself or with another partner
  • You have poor operational capability and lack skills in house
  • You’re working with tight timescales and want to get moving straight away
  • You need specific expert skills at certain times, but not all the time
  • You feel you’re not investing wisely in IT capability

When to use the Centre of Excellence

Application modernisation

Migrate a large number of legacy apps to the cloud with limited in-house resources.

DevOps and Infrastructure-as-code

Increase speed and agility while adding expertise as you need it.

Continuous development

Cloud optimisation

Optimise cloud costs by only paying for cloud resources you use, while improving performance.

Site reliability engineering

Keep everything running while you build new functionality.

Increase your capability

The COEaaS is designed to deliver any project, any size. When you’re ready to deliver on your next cloud initiative, gain access to skills you didn’t have before. And if needed, we’ll engineer capability from the ground up.

Accelerate ROI

Building an in-house COE can be pricey. Avoid expensive in-house skills and recruitment fees by accessing ANS capability when’s right for you. You’ll also see ROI move 5 times quicker with the ANS COEaaS.

Improve team agility

Whatever your end goal, you control the pace and prioritisation of the your COE engineers. Avoid procuring a long project and build as you go at a guaranteed pace with this truly agile service.

Find out more about Cloud Centre of Excellence as a Service

Download the brochure for more details on our Cloud Centre of Excellence, from how it works to how to get started.

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