Minimise downtime and data loss during a disaster

Using market-leading technology, our DRaaS platform allows you fast, simple recovery of business-critical data.

Fast and flexible disaster recovery

Maintain business continuity and minimise data loss while saving valuable budget and time, with PAYG platform billing and automated solution failover. Should disaster strike, instantly activate your DRaaS resources and take advantage of 24/7 support.

Our expert engineers are always on hand to help get you back up and running as soon as possible.


Don’t waste your budget with always-on disaster recovery. Pay for DRaaS resources only when activated at a fixed cost per hour.


Activate failover in an instant and recover critical data to get your operations back online within 60 minutes.

Data loss

Reduce data loss with automatic replication of virtual machine data every hour – or more often to suit your recovery point objective (RPO).


Activate individual VMs or an entire solution to test disaster recovery plans or apps on a clone of your live environment.

Cost vs usage

Graph showing flexible cost, only paying for what's needed based on server utilisation

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Cloud-based disaster recovery, DRaaS, uses VMs that remain dormant until needed. Whilst dormant, they consume storage resources only, making DRaaS much more cost-effective.

Graph showing a fixed cost of always paying incase of an increase in server utilisation

Traditional Disaster Recovery

In the past, DR required investment in additional infrastructure, which consumes compute, storage and RAM around-the-clock, even though it sits unused most of the time.

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What our customers say

"I would, without doubt, recommend ANS. It’s the overall package; the depth of resource they provide and the confidence that instils is outstanding."

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Revolutionise your disaster recovery strategy

DRaaS solutions enable you to achieve low RPO and RTO, preventing data loss in a disaster situation and making sure your core operations are resumed as soon as possible.

Respond faster

Activate automatic data failover in a few simple clicks in the ANS Portal portal, Veeam management platform or by calling the ANS support team.

Minimise IT hassle

Replicate your entire estate without having to manage additional IT resources or worry about manually deploying your failover solution during an emergency.

Optimise site separation

Host your DRaaS solution in Manchester, London or Amsterdam to gain the desired geographical separation between your primary site and failover solutions.

Make it yours

Replicate data as often as you want and consume as much failover resource as you need. Testdrive your disaster recovery plan, use as part of your development cycle or as a data migration tool.

Why choose ANS?

Award-winning support

ANS is a leading provider in the industry, providing a full suite of products and services. We offer award-winning 24/7/365 customer support with 100% uptime guaranteed.



Business Continuity

We’re here to keep your business online when it matters the most. Our 1.6Tbps network has no single point of failure, meaning we can offer a 100% network uptime guarantee.



Secure as standard

All our dedicated servers are architected to be secure by default with patching and updates as standard, we’ll become one of your team to help bridge any cybersecurity gaps.



The UK's leading dedicated server provider

Built for you

ANS’s dedicated servers combine cutting-edge technology with industry-leading support. From consultation to implementation, we put the needs of your business first, creating a custom package designed to suit your exact requirements.


Your problem, our solution

Whether you need a Magento or Shopware server to run your eCommerce site, a back-end database server, a control panel or any other specialist software hosting server – we’ll provide a solution that always delivers on performance, security and reliability.


Certifications and accreditation

Always hosted in our UK-based, wholly-owned data centres, a dedicated server from ANS guarantees UK data sovereignty. The epitome of security, our 100% carbon neutral data centres are ISO 27001 and PCI-DSS compliant, with 24/7/365 security monitoring.