eCloud VPC.

Created to rival the large public cloud providers, eCloud VPC has all the benefits of public cloud i.e. flexibility, scalability, plus the security and simplicity of the ANS private cloud.

Benefits of eCloud VPC

Quick and easy set up

Have your secure cloud up and running in seven clicks. No need for highly technical knowledge and if you need help our award-winning support engineers are here 24×7.

Just pay for what you use

You fix the price you want to pay each month and then change the resources you pay for to suit changes in your needs. Pricing is transparent and predictable with no unexpected charges.

No need to re-architect

eCloud VPC has been built on the same VMware technology as most on-premises servers, so you can migrate without the need for significant re-architecting.

Security built in

Your data is secure with ANS’s deep knowledge of UK security regulations. Our data centres meet exacting MoD level security standards and have 100% UK data sovereignty.

Scale up or down seamlessly

You can build high-performance data platforms entirely in eCloud VPC. You can seamlessly scale the amount of data you process, rather than having to buy a new server every time you reach capacity.

Flex to suit your business

You can switch your resources to suit changes in your business by reallocating budget to any resources, for instance compute or storage, as needed, without incurring additional fees.


Our customers say

"We use eCloud® Public alongside a Business Continuity Plan environment which gives us an enormous amount of resilience and peace of mind."


What you get with eCloud VPC

Enterprise tech

  • Best-in-class hardware
  • Latest HPE, Cisco, VMware tech
  • VMware’s largest cloud partner in Europe

High availability

  • N+1 or above redundancy
  • Redundant power, networking and compute
  • Highly resilient

Industry leading backup

  • Commvault fully integrated
  • 28 days data retention as standard
  • Shortest RTO possible

Automate with our APIs

From VM architecture and provisioning to resource management and statistics, our APIs enable you to integrate eCloud into your own systems and software to give you greater control. Modify templates, retrieve firewall configurations, edit solutions and much more.

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