Monitoring as a Service

Access data, analyse trends and get automated alerts to any problems to help you manage and deliver your business-critical services.

We’ve teamed up with LogicMonitor to implement industry leading monitoring and deliver the most advanced Enterprise Monitoring System to date. It allows ANS to deliver excellence in service  and reporting, reducing the mean time to resolution by allowing analysts to monitor your end-to-end services through a single pane of glass. LogicMonitor is also available as a smart phone app, giving you access on the go.

How does this benefit you?

Unified Monitoring

Get unified monitoring and observability on all devices, for on-premises and multi-cloud environments

Early detection

Receive alert escalations and predictive trend tools to ensure issues can be caught before they impact to your business

Greater Insights

View the availability, performance, and capacity of your devices anywhere in your infrastructure

Real time information

Access to real time and historical information from each device with a 1-Year Historical Data Minimum.


Empower your teams through the self-service portal.

Driven performance

LogicMonitor provides a modern an API driven performance and service level monitoring platform operating across hybrid cloud environments.

What our customers say

The ability to grow and shrink our estate based on real-time requirements allows us to be more reactive to the rapidly changing needs of the university.

University of Sunderland

You’re in control

View your devices from a single dashboard. With simple and intuitive functionality, you can create private dashboards and personalise your view of the portal to enable you to prioritise the information that is most important to you.

Website monitoring made easy

Monitor websites in the same platform as the rest of your infrastructure without setting up or maintaining separate monitoring and alerting. Have confidence that your websites are online and accessible from one or multiple external test locations

Contact us to discuss Monitoring as a Service

ANS is a trusted partner with LogicMonitor, we collaborate to deliver this self-managed package of Monitoring as a Service. If you need any initial support from our team of experts, we are more than happy to help you finally get visibility for all your devices in one place.