Connectivity is the key to building a cloud-ready future in construction

Traditionally, the construction industry has been reluctant to embrace the benefits of IT. However, builders are now beginning to be dragged into the 21st century by the need to collaborate more closely with their more IT-savvy colleagues.

Along with the growing pressure to digitise the communications between the office and the field and provide real-time data from siteconstruction projects are becoming more demanding and complicated in design.  According to Accenture, only 30% of firms currently deliver projects on budget and only 15% deliver on time. But how is the sector supposed to tackle these challenges when they’re being held back by costly and outdated IT networks which are no longer fit for purpose.

A traditional view of the WAN as a pure connectivity solution is no longer relevant for the sector. The requirements are so diverse and rapidly changing that, if care isn’t taken, then legacy networks can drain resources as ongoing effort is needed to maintain the network. Over time, maintenance costs rise and organisations are forced to contend with complex upgrades and customisation while trying to keep systems aligned with current business requirements.

Today, the entire network environment, from the data centre, to cloud and wide area network needs to be viewed as a holistic system working in an integrated, resilient, scalable and secure way. It’s no longer acceptable to view the network as a commodity. Only when the network foundations are addressed, can the sector begin to embrace technologies such as mobile project management, on-site real-time data, integrated collaboration and cloud-based software.

So how can ANS Help?

Leading companies look to ANS to design innovative end to end solutions in order to deliver their business ambitions. Over the last decade, we have honed our expertise, having helped a number of customers to embrace IT change. To find out how ANS helped manufacturing giants, Greencore to become an international leader with a cloud-ready network to help support the future growth of the business, click here.

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