Modern Data Platform

Unlock the potential of your data

We help you unleash the potential of your data and increase its value to your organisation, guiding you through the whole process, providing insights, improvements, and best practice.

Define and build your data strategy

By looking at your current state vs the ideal future state, we help you define and build your data strategy. We look at your whole data environment and ensure it’s optimised to help deliver your organisational goals.

The Modern Data Platform Navigator

The Modern Data Platform Navigator involves a series of structured workshops and consultancy services to provide you with the knowledge and insights you need to develop your data strategy.

What you get:

Build a defined data strategy

We’ll provide you with the knowledge you need and provide an unbiased data strategy. It details how you’re using data today, how you want to use data in the future and how to bridge the gap to enable you to achieve your long-term goal.

Understand the Azure Data ecosystem

We’ll explain in detail the Azure Data ecosystem and how you can adapt it into your current business processes.

Create a business case

Working with the information gathered, we’ll work with you to build a high level TCO comparison against your existing data warehouse platform vs adopting a modern data warehouse in the cloud.

Receive a breakdown of the options and benefits

We’ll show you exactly what options are available for you, what you can expect to get from your data transformation project and how it will benefit your organisation to help feed into any business cases.