Power BI Accelerator

Our Power BI Accelerator will help you turn data into insightful information that will enable you to make proactive and informed business decisions.

Why use the Power BI Accelerator?

Visualise your data

Bring your data to lift by displaying it in a variety of charts and diagrams to easily understand, gain and share insights.

Develop a data-driven culture

Allow your technical employees to serve data and non-technical teams to easily interpret it.

Protect sensitive information

From sensitivity labels to row level security, multiple security features will enable you to protect sensitive information ad meet security and compliance standards.

Import data from a variety of sources

Import data from Oracle, SAP and Snowflake to online data sources like Salesforce and Adobe Analytics.

Make intelligent predictions

With AI built in, you can dive deep into your data to generate insights, identify trends & spot patterns in data and use those patterns to make informed predictions and run “what if” scenarios.

Stay ahead

Additional product features or tweaks to existing features and additions are published regularly by Microsoft, allowing you benefit from updates & improvements.

Ideal for organisations who:

  • Have a data driven initiative
  • Have a desire to improve reporting and business intelligence
  • Are data rich but insight poor
  • Have a limited or growing data function
  • Have a legacy BI capability

What you get

We will deliver a fully functioning interactive Power BI report ready for data to be ingested and served. This can either be for a bespoke assignment or proof of value that can be adopted at an enterprise scale.

Rapid time to value

Depending upon if a landing zone is required, ANS can deliver this accelerator within 2-6 weeks.

Solution documentation

We will document and record all solution steps and components to provide you with a detailed summary of the report’s data sources, respective transformations, modelling, and any in built measures.

A defined data model

We’ll ensuring all relationships are in place between the required data sources to enable you to access the insights from your data in an output you can trust and understand.

High touch project support

A dedicated Project Manager and short project kick off lead times will get your project off the ground quickly and smoothly.

Keen to find out more?

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