Purview Accelerator

Our Purview Accelerator will provide you with a fully managed platform allowing you to achieve unified data governance to maximise the business value of data.

Why use the Purview Accelerator

Maximise business value

Empower your people to drive BI, analytics, AI and machine learning initiatives.

Improve data governance

Establish the foundation for effective data usage and governance with Purview data map

Power business insight

Understand your data supply chain from raw data to business insights.

Maximise the business value of SQL server data

Connect SQL Server to Purview Data Map and enable automated scanning and data classification.

Ideal for organisations who

  • Want to unlock greater value and insights from their data
  • Want to evaluate Purview technology and are looking to deliver a proof of concept
  • Are data rich but insight poor
  • Have a limited or growing data function

This project will enable us to improve data governance and will help us to ascertain where specific data is and who is responsible for it. Looking further down the line, we aim to use this platform as a springboard to enable us to unlock even greater value from our data, with a view to gaining a single view of the tenant to help us make more informed business decisions

Yogesh Gohil Head of Technology Flagship Homes

What you take away

We will deliver a fully functioning Azure Purview platform capable of automated data discovery, lineage identification and data classification across on-premises, multi-cloud and SaaS sources.

Rapid time to value

Depending if a landing zone is required, we can deliver this Accelerator within 2-6 weeks.

A fully extendable solution

As well as easy to integrate with other services.

Proven architecture

Provisioned with proven success and stable functionality.

High touch project support

A dedicated project manager will get your project off the ground quickly and smoothly

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