DXf: How to build your unique formula for digital transformation

Wednesday 7th July 2021 | 16:00-17:00
We’d like to invite you to join us on Wednesday 7th July at 4pm, for our upcoming webinar: DXf: How to Build your unique formula for Digital Transformation.

Delivering and executing digital transformation is extremely complex. Even defining digital transformation can be difficult when it means different things to every organisation. And even when you’ve mapped our your digital journey, you would typically have to engage with multiple vendors to acquire services, adding yet more complexity, time and cost. We’ve removed the complexity in defining and delivering digital transformation by enabling you to unlock the power of 6 technical capabilities under one programme of work without the stress of having to rely on multiple partners.
Known as the DX Formula (DXf), this method was designed to help you formulate and execute your unique end-to-end DX journey while enabling you realise value faster.
During this event, our panel of experts will explain the DXf in detail as well as giving you a live demonstration of how we create, apply and execute formulas and the impact this is already having on one of our customers that has already applied a formula to their business.  
  • Introduction to DXf – we will explain why we’ve created the formula for digital transformation, as well as what it is and how it enables you to combine 6 key technology practices to define your tailored digital transformation roadmap.
  • DXf In-theory live demo – we’ll show you some example formulas and how these can be implemented.
  • Dxf in practice live Q&A with TEDI-London – Hear from David Minahan at TEDI-London as he explains how they benefitted from creating their unique DX Formula.

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