15 June 2022  –  12pm
Brasserie of Light, London

Higher Education Networking Lunch

When: 15 June 2022  –  12pm
Where: Brasserie of Light, London

Who should attend?

Please note this is an exclusive invitation-only event.

Just to recap, during the lunch, you’ll hear from our guest speaker, Faye Murray, who will share Warwick Universities transformation journey and data use cases as they deploy a modern data platform in cloud to deliver their ambitious data strategy.

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Once you’ve heard from Faye, we’ll invite you to share your thoughts and responses to the following questions:

What problems you are trying to solve within your university?
What data do you currently have and what data are you missing?
Are you in touch or out of touch with the data you have?
What behaviours do we really want to know about your students?
What outcomes are you trying to achieve? And what does the utopia look like?

We look forward to seeing you there!

Rob Cottrill

As Data & AI Practice Lead, Rob is passionate about demonstrating the real-world value of digital transformation and helping customers realise value from their data. With over 12 years’ experience in the industry, he’s worked in multiple roles across the business including on some of ANS’ first cloud solutions for customers. Rob is responsible for helping organisations modernise their current data platforms from helping to define and build data strategy’s right through to commercial and technical designs.