Microsoft Dynamics 365: An Introductory Demo

27 September 2022  –  2PM

Microsoft Dynamics 365 introductory Demo webinar

When: 27 September 2022  –  2PM
Where: Virtual

Who should attend?

Want to learn more about Microsoft Dynamics 365 and understand what value it could add to your business? We’re inviting you to join us for an introductory session to Microsoft Dynamics. Using a demonstration, we’ll walk you through a Dynamics environment in action, including the basic features, how it works and how it can address your business challenges.

During the webinar, you’ll also hear from an organisation that is already benefitting from Dynamics 365. During an interactive Q&A session, we’ll hear what challenges they were facing, why they chose Dynamics over other CRM systems and what impact dynamics has had on their business.

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What you’ll learn:

  • What Dynamics 365 is and how it works with the rest of the Microsoft tech stack
  • How it could benefit your business along with the common business objectives you can address
  • How you can address your business challenges more effectively with Microsoft Power Platform

Meet the Speakers

Cameron Bertram

Cameron Bertram

Cameron has over 20 years’ experience delivering enterprise scale business solutions for clients including GCHQ, MoD, NHS, Accor Hotels and Norfolk County Council. At ANS, Cameron is responsible for designing and building tailored demonstrations that show how business value can be delivered using the Dynamics application and wider integrated Microsoft product suite and planning and running scoping sessions with a clients key stakeholders to capture processes, functional requirements and identify pain points in the organisation.

Donna Coxon

Donna Coxon

With more than 25 years consultancy experience, Donna heads up the Dynamics Presales team at ANS.  Donna has extensive experience of implementing software solutions across global CRM, ITIL, ITAM, ERP and Ecommerce projects covering a wide range of industry sectors.