Food for Thought: Adopting a Cloud-Ready Network in the Manufacturing Industry

Today’s manufacturers understand only too well that the industry is undergoing massive transformational change in response to a growing pressure to streamline and automate manual processes. However, the sector is being held back by costly and outdated IT networks – an obstacle that needs to be addressed if the network is to remain fit for purpose.

I’m sure I don’t just speak for myself when I say we’re constantly being inundated with articles about the IoT, automation, big data and AI which are all hot topics at the moment, especially within the manufacturing sector, but as a passionate networking bod, I can’t help wondering why no one is talking about the infrastructure which is absolutely crucial in enabling these transformations to be implemented or adopted.

Many manufacturers are currently operating on networks with static connections which are simply unsuitable for the digital requirements of today. But networks are changing. They’re now evolving into massively scalable, software driven architectures that have the capability to connect and respond to millions of different things, devices and sensors, adapting in real time to the needs of the business application.

With the network being the enabler of every organisations digital journey, it is crucial that it is able to provide the agility and the flexibility to learn and adapt to meet the needs of thousands of new data connections.

One manufacturer that is doing just that is convenience good giants, Greencore who are fast becoming world leaders with their end-to-end cloud ready network which is transforming their network efficiency, reliability and most importantly facilitating growth and change within the organisation as they expand and move applications into the cloud.

The organisation is the leading manufacturer of convenience food in the UK & US, and is the number one sandwich maker in the UK making over 750million pre-packed sandwiches a year for major retail brands. The company realised the need to upgrade their existing, aging IT infrastructure with an end-to-end, cloud-ready network that was not only more efficient, but also extremely resilient.

To find out how Greencore are delivering their IT ambitions and why they chose to partner with ANS, watch the video here

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