How to best to monitor your cloud platform

As a Cloud and Digital  Service Provider, we’ve been helping organisations to benefit from public cloud platforms for years and while many organisations were initially hesitant to make the move from on-premises infrastructure, a deeper understanding of cloud environments along with tighter security regulations has seen cloud adoption gather significant speed over the last 12 months.

If you’ve migrated to cloud in the last few years, you might think you’re ahead of your competition, and while this may be the case, it’s not time to be complacent –  moving your applications to the cloud isn’t enough to stay ahead of the game. In short, having cloud infrastructure can produce great benefits, but if you don’t keep an eye on it, things can go very wrong, very quickly. Look at it this way, adopting public cloud is like adopting a puppy, you can’t just buy it and ignore it, it needs constant care and attention, or it’ll have you tearing your hair out! In an era where efficiency is king, it’s vital to understand how to monitor the performance of cloud based apps and ensure optimal performance and productivity but if you don’t have the expertise in-house to do this, then it’s advisable to engage with a Cloud Service Provider that can help you make the most of your public cloud investment.

At ANS we’ve helped many public and enterprise customers to extract more value from their public cloud environment. We provide advisory services, technical expertise, government management and reporting which will increase your operational value, while our financial insights and automation reduce your platform consumption. Our Managed Cloud service will monitor and provide reporting on the following areas:

Visualisation & Monitoring

With ANS’ Managed Cloud, a single platform provides you access to monitor live metrics in your Azure or AWS environments. Powered by LogicMonitor, the service offers an improved insight into how your platform resources are performing. The system also features alert escalations and predictive tools, ensuring issues can be caught before they impact your business.

Efficiency Management & Recommendations

Efficiency Management continuously evaluates resource utilisation within your platform, providing detailed insights into the financial consumption of your resources. Detailed reporting provides efficiency ratings based on the analysis of cost and utilisation, assessing the overall efficiency and potential cost savings for cloud assets, broken down by product lines, functional workloads, and cost centres.

Live Billing Insights

Billing insights will help you understand your cloud spend from a business perspective based on the groups you define, delivering cost analysis reports for departments, line of business applications, projects and cost centres. These reports enable you to breakdown your cloud costs, allocate them to business groups across the organisation, validate the charges, and make intelligent decisions on the future state or costs of services running within the cloud.


Using policy driven task automation, ANS can establish compliance with best practices, to ensure the optimal operation of your cloud infrastructure, reduce manual labour and eliminate the potential for human error in business-critical operations.

While we can take full responsibility of your cloud platform, we know you still want to be kept in the loop which is why we have created ANS GLASS – the window to your Managed Service. ANS GLASS is our Service Management portal providing you with an end-to-end digital experience for management of your cloud environment. Along with key service statistics, all support and information requests raised can be driven through the application, which is proven to enable you to take advantage of your managed cloud service more effectively, improving user experience and satisfaction.

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