How to guarantee the success of your cloud migration

Thinking about moving to Public Cloud – What’s stopping you? We know it can seem daunting when you’ve got more questions than answers, from wondering what applications can be moved to Public Cloud and if they’ll need rearchitecting, to predicting how they’ll perform and help to deliver your digital ambitions. So where do you go from here? Learn on the job? Cross your fingers and hope for the best? Absolutely not! Taking a leap of faith into the great unknown is a sure-fire way to set yourself up for failure. Guaranteeing the success of your cloud adoption will directly depend on how well you’ve prepared and researched, which is why it’s absolutely crucial to engage in a ‘cloud readiness assessment’, evaluating both technical and business elements.

But before we go any further, we should first clear up what we mean by ‘cloud readiness’. In short, a cloud readiness assessment takes your aspirational cloud goal and works backwards to determine the best way to proceed, the changes involved and the impact on all areas of your business. Having already helped a large number of Universities assess their cloud readiness, we’ve compiled a list of some of the  most common strategic drivers. So without further ado, here are our top 7

1. How do I reduce my on premises storage footprint whilst removing legacy tape backup and data protection infrastructure?I want to implement Office 365 in full for a single consistent University wide experience, but how can I migrate my remaining ‘staff’ infrastructure to Office 365 in the shortest and most cost-effective manner.

2. How can I drive further efficiency in terms of cost reduction across IT whilst taking in to account the re-use of recent investments in the Data Centre?

3. I want to adopt Public Cloud but how do I implement a safe, production ready Azure environment and the associated operating model?

4. I need to close a Data Centre(s), but how do I move forward and produce a business case for any of the subsequent ways forward – What is best (JISC Co Location, Private Hosting, Cloud etc)?

5. How do I get my teams higher up the stack in terms of reducing the impact of manage and maintain vs. change and improve activities?

6. How can Public Cloud support our Digital objectives?

If these questions sound familiar, but you’re struggling to find the answers, ANS are here to help.

As the UK’s leading Digital and Cloud Service Provider, we’re dedicated to helping your organisation to make informed decisions to ensure a successful cloud migration. We believe it’s important to work with you to ensure you have realistic expectations and ultimately get the most value and benefit from a migration.

To learn more about ANS’ Readiness Assessment Services download our brochure here.

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