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93% of IT Leaders are looking to adopt IoT in the next 3 years. Are you one of them?

The IoT is opening up a world of possibilities across every industry. From monitoring patient health and helping clinicians to make accurate and fast diagnoses to optimising supply chain management in retail and improving office productivity.

But understanding how IoT solutions can benefit and add value to your organisation, as well as how you can integrate them into your existing systems, can be challenging which is why we’re hosting an IoT virtual Bootcamp to explore the current IoT landscape across the public and commercial sectors as well demonstrating the entire IoT journey from sensor right through to visualisation.

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of organisations that have implemented IoT solutions have already seen a return on investment


every second, another 127 devices are connected to the internet


of IoT solutions have been deployed to refine customer experiences

Discover the art of the possible with our smart spaces blueprint

Buildings are set to become more than just places we inhabit, work in or visit. With the rise of smart buildings, our traditional bricks and mortar structures are poised to learn from our actions to help us become more productive and efficient. However, many organisations are struggling to understand what’s possible, where to start and how to transform an analogue building into a smart hub fit for a digital future.

Take a look at our smart buildings blueprint to discover how you can create a two-way conversation between your building and your users.

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