International Women’s Day: 3 things we noticed

We are well into our second Women in Tech campaign at ANS and this year we are connecting more women in the industry than ever. 8th March was International Women’s Day, so earlier that week, we celebrated with our partners, customers and colleagues.

Joined by the likes of Microsoft, Tesco, City of York Council, South Staffordshire Water Plc, Ordnance Survey and more, we headed to London to celebrate the amazing things women are achieving in our industry right now. Here’s some things we noticed…

We all want to reach the same goal

We were joined by women in tech from across the UK, from various industries, backgrounds and job roles. But ultimately, we are all there for the same purpose, to celebrate the achievements of women, raise awareness against bias and, more importantly, talk about how we can encourage more women to join this incredible industry.

Ada Lovelace. Jean Jennings Bartik. Grace Hopper. Adele Goldberg. Many of these women came before us but they inspire today’s women in tech to have their voices heard.

Together, we can make great things happen

It’s amazing what you can achieve when everyone puts their mind to something. Throughout our women in tech campaign we’ve found that female solidarity is key if we want to move forward.

Phone numbers, emails, LinkedIn profiles were being shared left, right and centre as we connected not just on International Women’s Day, but every day. By working together as one community, gender parity gets that little bit closer.

Men are here to lift women too

We were also joined by men in the industry who are huge advocates inspiring more women into tech. We believe it’s super important to have men involved in every initiative we do, after all they do make up nearly half of the population, never mind most of the leadership and tech positions!

Having some male allies join us made us confident we can turn the conversations we were having into actions and build a community that is inclusive for everyone.

Thanks to all the men and women who joined us for our celebrations in London. Stay tuned for news on the next event coming soon!

Watch the video to hear from Helen, our Women in Tech Ambassador, what else we have got planned for our 2020 campaign..

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