Is the UK Public Sector really prepared for change?


The digital transformation of the UK government has been a long and arduous process, having said that, the sector has already made a number of significant steps towards digitisation. Over the past few years around 1,700 websites have been brought under one umbrella – and many public services have been digitised, culminating in savings of £1.2 billion, but there is still a long way to go.

Today’s citizens expect intuitive, personalised digital experiences and real-time service delivery, which means public sector organisations need platforms and systems that are built for modern digital transformation, either through their on-premises IT infrastructure, or increasingly in the cloud.

But as the old saying goes: we must learn to walk before we can run. Public sector organisations can’t deliver on demands – more services and better service availability – without first making sure their underlying platforms, systems and security are ready. To do this at pace, the sector should continue to invest in agnostic Readiness Assessments to determine the journey they will need to take in order to deliver on their digital ambitions.

What is the benefit in a Readiness Assessment?

The Public Sector has more options than ever before when choosing where to deploy their applications which can make it difficult to understand which option is the most economical and efficient. This is exactly where an ANS Assessment can help.

By undertaking a Readiness Assessment our Public-Sector customers will be able to:

  • Deliver better services – receive a full analysis of your IT environment and clear recommendations based on your unique business objectives meaning you will be well positioned to confidently embrace new technologies and services.
  • Keep data secure – understand what your end-to-end infrastructure looks like, identify key risks and how to address them. To achieve compliance, you may also need third party validation.
  • Drive a cost effective, sustainable transformation programme – for your IT projects to succeed, your target architecture needs to make financial sense. The financial modelling exercise will enable ANS to plot the value contribution and IT costs of the target application, platform and network connectivity options.

ANS has a longstanding heritage of helping Public Sector bodies to prepare for digitisation with many Local Governments and Hospital Trusts having already benefitted from new technology / platform adoption, cost reduction and compliance.

Tracey Scotter, CIO at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals commented:

“The Assessment identified an accurate picture of the performance and health of our current application and infrastructure estate. Using this as a starting block, ANS helped us to define a robust business case, which highlighted the enhancements they recommended to ensure our infrastructure was more robust, efficient and ready for innovation.”

To learn how our Assessment Services could help you make your next project a success watch our latest Lightboard video here.

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