Is your Public Cloud Costing More than it Should?

Many organisations are already reaping the numerous benefits of Public Cloud. A core component of an overarching Public Cloud Strategy is that of ongoing efficiency management and security. If you are unsure of your environments current financial efficiency, lack the tools to manage it or would like to validate your security and increase operational efficiency, then there are actions you can take to help.  This also goes for all organisations that think their public cloud is well optimised and costing what it should – you may be surprised to find there are actually almost always efficiencies to be made, no matter how lean you think you are.

In a recent customer study, 45% of respondents running services on a Public Cloud platform are looking at running cost efficiency exercises but many were previously advised that their Public Cloud would cost less than traditional on-premises infrastructure, so why is this not the case?  In a nutshell, most people are doing it with an ‘On Premises’ mindset. They’re not designing the platform in a cloud native way, but are, instead, replicating customers on premises platforms; the storage, the VM’s etc. This is resulting in overprovisioning and a higher cost service.

To experience the most benefit from Public Cloud, services need to be designed in a cloud native way. From our experience of building Public Cloud Hyperscalers this way, we know there are some key principles you need to consider; skills, economics, tooling and recovery. For example, Virtual Architects have very different approach to design than Cloud Architects. Virtual Architects design for stability whereas Cloud Architects design for efficiency, this impacts how the other key principles are managed. If you’re reading this and thinking your public cloud is well optimised and costing what it should – you may well be wrong. Our team of Public Cloud architects and analysts spend almost half their time helping organisations that are already in the cloud become more efficient, and no matter how lean they think they are, we nearly always find ways to reduce the platform spend by anywhere from 20 – 50%. This is all well and good but how are you supposed to know if there are efficiency savings to be made?

Now, before you think, oh no here comes the sales pitch, let me just stop you there. ANS offer a no obligation Cloud Check Service for organisations already using public cloud.  So whether you need to reduce platform spend, validate your security or increase operational efficiency, we will help you achieve best practice by delivering an architecture efficiency report with key recommendations.

So what are you waiting for? To find out more about our cloud check service, click here

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