Keoghs opts for RAPID case processing



Leading defendant law firm, Keoghs, has invested in its IT and transformed the processing of its legal cases after partnering with managed and cloud services provider ANS Group.

ANS Group’s pioneering RAPID technology was selected by Keoghs to support its Tracker application, which manages all case matter, increasing efficiencies in the processing of legal cases, and providing the user with all the functionality needed to work on client case files. This technology therefore enables Keoghs to stay ahead of the competition and facilitate future growth.

The integrated infrastructure from Cisco and Netapp, Flexpod, was delivered as a pre-built and pre-validated solution, meaning that Keoghs could begin utilising the system quickly. This also meant that its installation caused minimal disruption to Keoghs’ day-to-day operations, and allowed staff to continue working on client case files.

Darrell Burnell, Programme Manager at Keoghs, said: “In recent months, the performance of our core application Tracker needed to increase in line with current growth. To prevent future performance issues, we partnered with ANS to determine the best platform to support the application and remaining virtual estate to maximise performance potential.”

RAPID also comes with the capability to build, deploy and migrate 24×7 and allows Keoghs to run its Tracker application faster, enabling the firm to easily and efficiently process and bill cases around the clock.

Darrell added: “Infrastructure projects like this often take months, but by choosing a pre-built hyper converged system, based on industry leading technology, it means we have been able to utilise a robust, flexible and operationally efficient system in a significantly shorter timeframe.”

Andy Barrow, CTO at ANS commented: “Innovative, high-performance technology increasingly contributes to business success in every sector. Keoghs understands this, and so taking advantage of this technology to avoid costly performance issues and facilitate business processes were key objectives for the company.

“Using RAPID FLEX technology, ANS Group has been able to meet these needs. The solution was a perfect fit for Keoghs due to its need for high performance and future scalability.”

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