Lancashire Brewery looks to the cloud for protection


Manchester-based ANS Group has secured a new contract to provide Lancashire based Daniel Thwaites with a Managed Protection Service to protect critical systems and data and ensure business continuity for the business’s key operations.

Over the three-year contract, Managed Services specialist ANS will support Daniel Thwaites with a Disaster Recovery solution that can quickly restore mission critical services, within minutes.

ANS’ cloud-based Managed Protection Service is built on a FlexPod platform, comprised of Cisco, NetApp and VMware technologies. The scalable design will allow Daniel Thwaites to easily support new applications or locations as the business grows, whilst only paying for the resource they currently need.
Without having to commit an upfront investment into their Disaster Recovery, or into the on-going management and maintenance of those systems, Daniel Thwaites can focus on maintaining a competitive advantage without the threat of unexpected downtime.

Paul Sweeney, Managing Director of ANS, said: “As more business applications move to digital platforms, it’s essential that businesses consider what should happen in the event of a disaster.
“By opting for a Managed Protection Service, Daniel Thwaites can be confident that, should a disruption occur, critical systems are supported and data integrity is maintained to ensure minimal impact to customers, staff, revenues and reputation in the event of a disaster.”

Irvin Aldridge, IT Manager at Daniel Thwaites, said: “When we examined our infrastructure and potential points of failure, we recognised that if our servers were to go down a number of our operations would grind to a halt.
“ANS understood what we needed from both an IT and a commercial perspective and worked with us on a cost-effective, sustainable approach to protecting our business.”