Managed Back Up

What is Managed Back Up?

It’s no secret Back up is a laborious task to do properly, and typically bottom of the priority lists as a result. It rarely gets performed and even if it does, it could always be done better. However this changes when data is lost, and all of a sudden having it done correctly would take all the pain away of losing key information.

Our Managed Backup Service ensures consistent service levels and long term durability as well as flexibility during periods of growth and change. We uniquely test that the data recovery is working on a regular basis. So you can rest assured your data is protected while you get on with business value tasks.

Empowering you through our service.

This service will enable you to:

Leverage ANS expertise

We remove the need for specialist skills, training and third-party tooling as well as software upgrades, freeing up the time and effort required to manage data protection holistically, so your team can focus on business value tasks.

Protect your data
Guarantee continuity

Key considerations.


Is your data backed up and recoverable within RTO’s, in-line with your organisations expected RPO’s?


What exposure do you think that your organisation has with your current backup solution?


Do you have the capability to monitor your backup solution out of hours?


What is your current cloud consumption?

Get maximum value from your service

Compatible Services

We take a high-touch approach to service management across all of our managed services to provide you with a consistent experience regardless of the service consumed.

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